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Job Details

Job Type: Part time

Job Description

Main tasks

  • Participate in the preparation of the service.
  • Welcoming customers, Providing attentive and high-quality customer service.
  • Help with table cleaning and clearing.
  • Present the menu and make suggestions, answer customer questions about food and beverages on the menu.
  • Advise and make suggestions by highlighting the products offered.
  • Prepare and serve coffee, food and drink.
  • Ensure that the work area is kept clean by applying the MAPAQ rules.
  • Proceed to sales (food, beverage and coffee) and make transactions at the cash desk
  • Fill the counter.
  • Prepare the workspace, open the cash register and get acquainted special offers and promotions, etc.
  • Serve customers, guide them and provide them with information on products and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Carry out transactions, by receiving payments in cash, credit cards, automatic debit.
  • Calculate the amounts collected at the end of their shift and the reconcile with the total sales figure.
  • Close the cash register, produce the cash register report and make deposits.
  • Any other task necessary for the proper functioning of the express counter.

Working conditions:

  • Full Time Part Time
  • Permanent job, day shift, evening, weekend
  • Unionized


  • High school diploma completed.
  • Fast food experience an asset.
  • Barista experience an asset.
  • Control of the operation of a coffee machine.
  • Control of the cash register.
  • Good interpersonal skills and enjoy working with the public.
  • Sense of responsibility and punctuality.
  • Courtesy and politeness.
  • Bilingualism, French and English
  • Availability to work days, evenings and weekends.
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